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I first came in because my lower back was very sore, my neck was tight and I wasn’t sleeping well. I work in front of a computer and it was affecting my job as well. I am a runner and was really tight and sore after a run. I had tried chiropractics before but not consistently. This time I decided I want it for correction and optimum health. I’ve never had an x-ray of my spine to see what was going on inside. That x-ray was also a determinant to correct my spine.

Now I feel energized since my low back and neck feel good. I sleep better and have better concentration at my job. I’ve only been at this clinic for about 7 weeks now and I love it. I am sure I will achieve my personal health goals with Power Chiropractic!

Angela L.

Dr. Hickel and staff are truly a blessing. I feel much better about my situation and how they can help me heal my body and mind.

Thank you all.

Phyllis W.

I started coming into the clinic after I tore my right rotator cuff. My husband was already a patient and I had seen how much improvement he had experienced. If I had not come in for treatment I would not have the use of my right shoulder!

Moe D.

While sitting at a stop light, I was rear ended by another vehicle at high speed. The next following days my neck and back were excruciating and I came to see Dr. Hickel. The conventional doctors approach was to treat with drugs or surgery. The best method in my opinion is chiropractic which is much more attuned with body/physiological approach. Before I came to Dr. Hickel I was in a high pain threshold due to the accident. Now afterwards I can go about my normal work routine with limited pain, providing I continue treatment.

Monte W.

Before coming to Power Chiropractic my feet and hip were causing me a lot of pain. Having seen a chiropractor before I knew what I was looking for. It took trying three other chiropractors before I found the team at Power Chiropractic. It took only one adjustment from Dr. Hickel to know that the chiropractor I was looking for had been found. The pain in my feet is gone! My hip is now finally under control.

Ryan R.

I came into Power Chiropractic Clinic because I had low back pain, it even hurt to sneeze. I have always been a believer in a natural approach to healthcare. I was looking for a chiropractor that was closer to home. I have more energy than before. It has only been a few months and my back gets better with every visit! I was born with hip dysplasia. It has given me grief all my life and really limited my ability to do some things. Dr. Hickel has really helped me to overcome those limitations.

Amanda W.

I was in a car accident and was having a lot of neck and low back pain. I found the clinic online and I made the best decision ever!!! I love the staff here. They are very welcoming and caring people. My body feels good. When I first started coming, I had neck and back pain throughout the day. Now I have no pain thanks to Power Chiropractic.

Amy L.

I have been coming to Dr. Hickel since he opened his office. I would probably be in a wheelchair now if not for chiropractics. I am walking a lot better now, better yet I am walking!!

Esther S.

Before chiropractic I was in severe pain in my joints and I had problems with dizziness. I tried medications but didn’t like the side affects and they didn’t solve the problem. I have more energy now and I feel less depressed. I feel stronger and have more freedom of movement.

Norma W.

My upper back and neck have been causing me pain for most of my adult life. As a child I had chronic headaches and sinus problems and migraines as an adult. My left hip also felt jammed, it compromised my flexibility. Nothing really gave me relief. I had received chiropractic care previously and had felt immediate relief. I finally came back to Power Chiropractic Clinic because I was miserable and it was constant. I am a snowboard instructor and half way through the season I really felt like I had lost my game. I felt like my back and neck were absorbing the shock of everything. There was a lot of burning and aching.

I can not express how much chiropractic has improved my life. I not only got my game back athletically, my headaches are less frequent and my hands and feet are no longer ice cold. My vision has improved and the constant burning feeling is gone. If you are an athlete a chiropractor can do wonders! Life is much more enjoyable.

Electra B.

I could barely walk. My feet were in excruciating pain. I was desperate for help. My podiatrist was recommending medication on a long term basis. Trying chiropractic care was my last resort. I am a changed woman! I have less pain in my feet. My body’s inflammation has diminished. My mental and spiritual state has improved. But most importantly I can walk! I walk 1 ½ miles 3 times a week! Praise God for this clinic!

Maria L.

I was frequently experiencing horrible back pain and neck stiffness. It was so bad at times that I could barely move my head. I had friends that had received chiropractic care and had shared how much it had helped them. With just a few weeks of care I have noticed a great deal of movement in my neck and a great relief in my back pain.

Sarah S.

I was in a great deal of pain from an auto accident. I had back shoulder and neck issues. I had heard about chiropractic and thought that it was a good time to check it out and I am very happy that I did! I will most likely make this a part of my routine health care. I feel a lot better since I began seeing Dr. Hickel. I now have motion in my back and neck. I actually feel healthier all around.

Tracey W.

I was in a lot of pain in my back form a previous injury at work. I wasn’t walking naturally. I had migraines several times a week and I wasn’t sleeping well. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything…. I had gone to a chiropractor years ago and when my MD told me he had done everything he could do, I knew chiropractic care was an option. I now have little to no pain. I am moving around more and enjoying life. I have gone a good stretch of time now with out a migraine. I feel confident I will continue to heal. I am very happy I made the choice to further my care with Dr. Hickel!

Judy C.

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